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Within the past few months, Metrostyle has deleted my account from their system twice. The first time I was able to relay the problem to them, and the reps agreed that since they broke away from the Brylane/Redcats group (now Full Beauty, formerly, there had been some glitches that had to be fixed on their end.

This time, I haven't been able to get any help. I have explained the situation over & over, how when I try to log in, I get a message saying that my email doesn't exist. Then a rep emails me back saying, "Change your password." (???) I reply reminding them that if I cannot get INTO the site TO change a password because once again I have been completely kicked out, now what? Then he emails me again saying that maybe I only signed up for advertisements notifications only.

(???) Once again, I replied telling them, No, I DID have an active account & this is the second time this had happened. No response. I then went on Facebook to comment on one of their posts to try & get their attention, and was asked to send them my email & zip so they could send the info to their I. T.

Dept and resolve the issue. A couple of days go by & that message wasn't even touched until I commented again, so I went back to the Metrostyle site & tried the "help" link again. This time I get a message saying they're not affiliated with Lerner or Full beauty and to contact "them" about my account. (Lerner was Metrostyle's former name and I'd simply reminded them during the entire explanation, that was how far back my account went.) It's like they just took a little piece of the information and did not even consider the issue at hand, which is that I "did" have a separate Metrostyle account that keeps getting deleted for some reason, and they won't even TRY to fix the issue, they just keep blowing me off.

I understand they are no longer affiliated with Full Beauty or those stores, but whatever problems they have with them, that's no reason to treat their customers like trash.

It almost seems like "fat-shaming", not that I or any of their other former customers are that big, but everybody has issues or goes through phases at some point. Plus, as I pointed out to them, we can still wear their clothes, maybe just have to order a slightly larger size (which, BTW, they DO have), not to mention the shoes and accessories that can still be ordered.

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